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    Nadine, responsible of.....all food!!!

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    Alex BCN
    Mardi 8 Février 2005 à 11:07
    So stupid this girl i find.... "WE HAVE TO WAIT STINA TO OPEN BUTEL AND EAT...." "DO YOU WANT A BEER???" :s
    J-No stupid admin'
    Mardi 8 Février 2005 à 20:45
    hihihihi, long myth of blonds! ups, Stina!!!! ;)
    Mercredi 9 Février 2005 à 11:18
    and why isn't the corrector here??alex, bottle;)it was nice you waited!!!and nadine was so nice at the beggining(in september) with us...she helped us a lot:)kisses
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