• InbA TuninG

    Congratulations for uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuur new caaaaaaaaaar!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Very good choice!!!!!!!!!!!! Customed by french touch!!! :p:p:p

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    Lundi 14 Février 2005 à 00:32
    Thanks but it was long to clean it and 2 old women, one car of polizei and a guy in a camion were looking to me and i felt bad that........ but very funny. (When something like that for another Erasmus like another country? it will be a green country ;) )
    J-No stupid admin'
    Mardi 15 Février 2005 à 19:33
    wash wash!
    :D next time, i want to see you cleaning your car!! hihihii Pas de commentaires non français!! pas étonné! fro, personne ne t'aime!! nous, OUI!
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